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We Buy and Scrap Junk Cars in Niles

We pay same day cash for your scrap cars, junk cars and broken farm equipment in the Niles, MI area. We will make a cash offer on any vehicle regardless of age or condition. We even buy broken, repairable cars, trucks and vehicles for more money than junk vehicles. If you have a junk car, junk truck, any broken vehicles, repairable cars or junk farm equipment, we are the buyer you have been looking for.

Get instant cash offers by phone or submit vehicle details in our quote form.

Same day arrival with cash payment and vehicle removal(s) on accepted offers. NO towing fees or recycled material fees to pay, you get the full offer amount in cash and we take the vehicle.

Over Ten Years Experience Buying Junk and Scrap Vehicles

We were first on the scene over 10 years ago when junk car buying became a viable business option in Niles, MI. For over a decade now we have been paying the best prices for your junk cars while developing more efficient practices in our junk car processing. We process junk cars ourselves so that we can retrieve every bit of valuable material for recycling. We get faster at processing them every year too which means we all make just a little bit more, including you.

Higher Cash Offers and Same Day Payments for Junk Cars

Being more efficient makes us more profit, our staff earns more and you get larger cash offers for junk cars in Niles and Michiana. This has helped us outlast many competitors and we hope we have become an invaluable resource in our community. Our 10+ years of knowledge and experience are equally matched with the highest payments for junk cars and outstanding customer service at every interaction.

The scrap prices have never been better. The scrap market goes up and down, right now the scrap market is UP! Don’t let your junk car sit there and annoy you any longer, turn it into cash today!

Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. You provide us the make and model of the junk vehicle and the condition it’s in by phone or form.
  2. We will answer you with an instant cash offer for your scrap car based on the details from you.
  3. We arrive the same day to pay you in cash while picking the scrap vehicle up free of charge.

Instant Offers by Phone or Request an Offer Online

Types of Junk Vehicles We Buy

Junk Cars
Junk Trucks
Junk Tractors
Junk Equipment

Emergency TowingWe Pick Up The Junk Car with No Fees

We will come pick the scrap vehicle up free of charge and pay you cash on the spot! It doesn’t matter if the junk car runs or not, you never have to worry about getting your vehicle to us or doing anything to it to prepare for sale. We have top of the line tow trucks ready to roll. One of our drivers will come by to pay you and then take the junk car away. No need to push, pull or drag the junk car to us!

Junk Car Title – Proof of Ownership

If you do not have the title of the vehicle to show ownership, please let us know ahead of time. We will provide you with tips on how to acquire one. Most commonly you would need to Apply for a Duplicate Title from the Indiana BMV – all you need is an ID. If that is not possible, we can discuss other ways to show proof of ownership. 

Going Green

Scrap Vehicle Recycling

In our commitment to going green we make sure we properly collect and dispose of all motor oils, fuels, coolant, window washer fluid and any other liquids recovered from the junk cars we process. In addition, we also recycle as much of the vehicle and materials as possible. In some cases, we will remove usable parts before recycling them. Around 70% of most vehicles are metal and other parts of the vehicle are recyclable as well.

Why You Should Sell Your Junk Cars Now

Scrap prices have never been higher. That means we can offer more to you when buying your junk car. The market goes up and down and we are in an up period! All scrap vehicles have a set value by weight according to the metal they are made of. The condition of your cars materials will only continue to deteriorate if you let a junk car sit. The longer your vehicle sits in our Michiana weather the less it’s going to be worth. The snowy winters mixed with the salt buried in your frame will cause your vehicle to rust away. The hot and humid summers don’t help either. So, sell now and get the cash value for your scrap car while scrap prices are up!

Why Choose Us

We recognize that our customers are our livelihood and it shows in every interaction we have with clients. We are proud to have been in operation for more than a decade and look forward to every new and repeat customer we have the opportunity to serve. Thanks for a great ten years Michiana!

Higher Cash Offers
No Wait Time
Customer Satisfaction
No Towing Fees

Our Achievements

We have proudly served the Michiana community for over a decade. In that time we have formed many lasting relationships with our customers because they know we always deliver great services at fair prices.

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Junk Car Value

Get an offer now for your junk cars and trucks. Call us for the fastest price quote or submit a form for an email reply.

Adam Pays The Most

Adams Junkers has been buying junk cars for more than a decade because we offer the most money possible for junk and scrap cars in Niles, MI.