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Roadside Assistance

We'll Get You Back on the Road

24 Hour Vehicle Lockout Service in South Bend, IN, Granger, IN and Niles, MI. We can recover your keys without damage. Free Lockout Service in South Bend if a child or pet is locked in the car.

Having a faulty battery can leave you stranded anywhere. We provide a fast and affordable jumpstart service. Get your car started when your battery is dead and.

We’ll arrive quickly to change your flat tire to your spare tire. We bring air for spare tire top off and we do the work. We change flat tires on all types of vehicles. These include cars, trucks, station wagons and vans.

We provide gas delivery in the greater South Bend and Michiana area. A tow operator will arrive with 1-2 gallons, enough gas for you to get to a service station. We’ll put in the fuel upon delivery and you’ll be on your way.

Roadside Assistance - South Bend, Granger, Niles

Adam's Junkers Logo

Adams Junkers has fast, affordable car towing, typically within one hour.

If your vehicle has broken down you need to get yourself out of danger.

Be sure to use your hazard lights to alert oncoming vehicles. 

Breakdown Tips

If your vehicle is broken down, you need to get yourself out of danger as soon as possible. If you were unable to pull to the side of the road and out of the lanes of traffic, you may want to call 911 first to assure the safety of you and your family.

Be sure to use your hazard lights to alert oncoming vehicles to your presence. Use your own judgement then, if there are cars speeding around both sides of you call for help! 

If you successfully pulled to the side of the road and out of traffic, use extreme caution as you exit the vehicle. Use the door that doesn’t open on the traffic side and get to safety.

We will respond quickly to your service call and get you back on the road. We can help with jump starts, fuel delivery, flat tire changes, door unlocks and towing if all else fails!

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Adams Junkers has been buying junk cars for more than a decade because we offer the most money possible for junk and scrap cars in South Bend.